How NOT To Dress Up

“That lipstick shade is too bright. Wear a lighter shade”, “This t-shirt is too dull. Wear something else”, “Those shorts are too short. Wear something that covers your legs”.

It was the lightest lipstick shade I have and yes, I love to on put makeup almost every time I go out; not to impress or attract guys but for myself. I know most people disagree with that but yes, there are people like me out there who use makeup as one of the numerous feel-good therapies.

I am a really very lazy person so I try to avoid dressing up and going out as much as possible. I’d spend my weekends in bed with boyfriend hoodies and track pants on rather than dressing up and going out to get *sloshed*.

They stare at you even when you have your legs covered, even in winters when you have to cover your body so that you don’t freeze to death; so yeah, it doesn’t matter to the people who are born with sick minds whether you wear really short ass-showing shorts or really thick jeans.

A few years back,  at a family party, I told her I feel overdressed and the response I got was, “Obviously! It is because you are wearing too much makeup”. I never said I feel like I put too much makeup on. I just (always) decide not to respond because there is no point arguing with people who don’t want to open their minds to new territories; not to mention its hard enough for a sole being to change the mindset of a bunch of people. I think it’s just politicians and motivational or any kind of speakers who have those skills.

That’s all folks!


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  1. People will always judge no matter what you do. I’ve adopted a “stick it to the man” attitude and just wear what I want. I like to dress up because I can feel good about myself, so why should someone else concern themselves with that. Keep dressing up boo and don’t listen to anyone else xx

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